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"There's always a backstory....a level of purpose and depth behind each design story. It's a collaboration of collective intimate moments and unexplainable emotions that take  flight... upward, onward, together - towards a desired design destination." JFox

the jfox story


Jeanene grew up on a small island in the Bahamas passing her childhood times climbing fruit trees, building forts in her backyard and sand castles on Paradise Island.

She began her modeling career at the age of 15, monopolized the Bahamian market quickly and moved oversees for international exposure.


JFox has worked and lived in design inspired capitals around the world. She has been exposed to such beauty and architectural marvel for over two decades, with a passion for design from an early age, her extensive travel experience and an instinctive eye for design - gave JFox in 2013 the confidence to trade her stilettos for marble slabs.


JFox's style is sleek and sophisticated - inspiration derived from her International Heritage - with divine favor, an innate eye for design, determination, dedication and a heart set a blaze, gave JFox a competitive advantage decorating 500 plus luxury homes in a short period of time for Hollywood celebrities, successful entrepreneurs and the industries well respected Developers in the Los Angeles and Florida Residential Market.


Her innate design attributes combined with JFox's down to earth demeanor, and own sensitivity and appreciation for the client's dreams and design goals, make JFox the perfect ally to captain or collaborate on any residential, commercial or hospitality design project.

JFox currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she continues to create a luxe lifestyle and an emotional experience through interiors. 

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